Terms and Conditions for Lenders




  1. Closet will not pick-up approved dresses for free. Lenders have the option to deliver them to us by hand, or have us get them delivered via our associates at BYKEA at a cost of Rs. 120 if the lender lives in karachi. Incase the lender is not a resident of Karachi, Closet will have the dresses picked-up via courier. Charges for courier may vary depending on the weight of the dress and distance and will also be paid by the lender.
  2. Base Rent will be quoted by our team to the lender and the lender can choose to agree/disagree or negotiate the base rent. However once the Base Rent is agreed upon, It is not subject to change by the lender.
  3. Base rent will be earned by the lender each time their dress is rented out. Closet will not pay lenders for having their clothes displayed on Closet.
  4. Once the dress has been received and approved and a base rent agreed upon, the lender will be bound by a contract and will not be able to retract their dress under any circumstances unless incase of a fashion emergency (see: point 10 for more details).
  5. This contract is valid for 3 months for each individual dress from the date of pickup. Each time an individual dress is rented out to someone, the three month contract renews for that individual dress from the aforementioned rented dress’s latest booking date.
  6. Payment of rents will be done through Bank Transfer or Easypaisa. All charges incurred during the transfer will be paid by the lender.
  7. By sending pictures of the dress, you agree that your dress is in mint condition ( atleast 8/10) . If the dress fails to meet our quality standard once it arrives, it will be sent back and pickup and delivery charges will have to be paid by the lender him/herself.
  8. If the dress is damaged BEYOND REPAIR while in our carethe lender will be paid 3 times the base rent previously agreed upon with the lender. Closet is NOT liable for paying the full cost of your dress under any circumstances.
  9.  If your dress has been pre-booked for a later date, your dress will not be returned under any circumstances and you will have to wait because Closet will NOT return the dress before a prebooking. In case of any conflict, Closet’s verdict shall be final.
  10. If in case of a fashion emergency, and you need your dress back ASAP and if it is not already booked, we will send it back one day before your urgent event and pick-up the dress the very next day after you pay cost (Delivery Cost and Dry-cleaning Cost). If you fail to comply , you will be fined by Closet.
  11. All photography done and posted by Closet is property of Closet and is subject to copyright. Any use of our photographs without permission will be liable for legal action.
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