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Lenders Policy

All information regarding the lender must be provided upon registration and must be complete and accurate. If found, any inaccurate, out of date or false information may lead to the suspension of any and all payments and may result in a temporary or permanent termination of contract with Closet.

Any and all dresses registered under a lender will be considered as the personal property of said lender alone. In the event that a dress is provided under the pretense of ownership, the lender will be the sole entity responsible for the aforementioned dress.

Currently, Closet is a free to avail service for the public, charging lenders with only the delivery fee. Closet conducts marketing, photography, storage and warehousing at its own expense but this arrangement is subject to change at any point in time. In the event that Closet imposes any charges, lenders will be duly informed before implementation.

Lenders are obligated to remove any packaging, such as custom bags and boxes along with any personal accessories or add-ons not agreed upon for submission by Closet from the dress before submitting it to Closet. Closet will not be liable for the loss, theft or destruction of any of the aforementioned items and will not be liable to compensate in any event.

Lender contract is initially valid for 6 months. Closet has full authority to take orders for any future date and any dress booked for future date can only be returned after successful processing of order. This contract will be valid for an initial period of 6 months; however, upon a booking for the dress beyond the six-month timeframe, Closet will extend the contract’s validity up till that booking date. Lenders must choose to restrict further bookings with Closet should they wish to reacquire the dress otherwise Closet will remain at liberty to process further bookings.

Any and all photography and marketing material for a dress is considered the property of Closet and is restricted from use for the duration and after termination of the contract, and may not be used for any purpose including (but not limited to) reselling, renting, advertisement etcetera.

Sale and rental of any dress while bound by contract to Closet will be considered a breach of contract and result in all payments and activities suspended with the lender and legal action taken against the concerned lender.

Lenders will receive a rating based on certain criteria (including but not limited to the quality of dresses provided, behavior of the lender, timely communication etcetera). Based on their rating, Lenders may receive special benefits such as higher rent quotations and more for a high rating, or may be penalized for a bad rating. Closet holds the final authority over ratings and cannot be challenged on decisions regarding ratings, nor is Closet liable to provide details regarding ratings under any circumstances.

Closet will be providing details regarding any bookings, postponements or cancellations of dresses but is not liable should the provided lender information be inaccurate.

In case of loss of any dress or any other items including (but not limited to) jewelry due to natural disaster (A disaster caused by forces of nature Types Climatologic, hurricanes, tornados; geologic, earthquake, volcanos) or situations of political unrest, law and order issues, Closet shall not be liable to compensate the lender.

In the event that a dress is stolen by the renter or lost while in the custody of Closet, it is hereby agreed that Closet shall compensate the owner for a maximum of three times the base rent of the dress. It is explicitly stated that Closet shall not be liable for any amount greater than three times the base rent in any circumstance.

It is hereby acknowledged that Closet cannot guarantee the rental of any dress. The selection and availability of dresses for rental is based on the current demand, however, this does not ensure a guarantee for the rental of any dress. Therefore, Closet cannot guarantee the condition of a dress as it may be subject to wear and tear even if it is not rented out. Clients are allowed to try on dresses which may affect the condition, even if the dress is not booked for rental.

Closet is given full authority by the lender to perform repairs and replace any missing parts of the dress including (but not limited to) stones, nags, and balls etcetera.

Closet places your dresses under proper care but Closet can’t assure the dress condition same as provided by the lender at the time of delivery because Each dress gets dry-cleaned before sending to renter, dry-cleaning can diminish the life of your dress. Some dresses can become fragile and any such damages don’t come under any damage policies. Closet will provide the proper care to all dresses but cannot guarantee the dress being returned in the same condition as it was upon delivery to Closet. Any diminishment of the life of the dress due to dry-cleaning or fragility over time will not be eligible for any damage compensation according to our damage policy.

Should a Lender request their dress to be returned fixed polished or improved in any way, Closet will charge the appropriate amount from the Lender per dress and will not be liable to comply with any such requests should the charges not be paid in full.

The quoted base rent will remain unaffected by any sales or promotional offers. Should Closet see any demand or opportunity for which it increases the rent of any dress, Closet will not be obligated to inform you preemptively, however the base rent will be adjusted accordingly.

When submitted, all dresses are added to the queue for photography within the next ten business days, after which they will be uploaded to our website. This process is subject to change and delays due to unforeseen circumstances may occur. Each and every dress will not be displayed on Closet’s Social media channels or displayed at our outlet, but will be available to view on our website until termination of contract with the lender.

In order to change or update any lender credentials and personal information, the lender will be mandated to appear in person with their original CNIC and request the desired change.

Renters and lenders will be kept anonymous to each other to ensure complete privacy. Furthermore, renters and lenders may not divulge any information regarding their dealings with Closet and legal action will be taken in response to any breach of privacy. For further information, visit our information policy on our website

By submitting a dress to Closet, Lenders forfeit their right to use the dress until termination of the contract. Failure to comply and forcing a return of a dress by any means will be seen as a breach of contract and all payments will be immediately suspended and legal action taken in response to the offense.

Closet will not be held responsible for any loss, theft or destruction of jewelry or accessories, and no compensation will be provided in any event.

Every time a dress is sent to or received from a lender, the burden of delivery fee falls upon the lender, and Closet holds no responsibility in payment of delivery fee. Should a lender fail to pay for the delivery, it will be deducted from the rent earned by the concerned lender.

To recall a dress from Closet, lenders must submit a request for return at our helpline number: 0304-111-7368. Upon processing and approval of return, the dress will be allotted a time period in which the lender may receive their dress back. Failure to comply with this will result in the process needing to be redone.

Lenders will receive their dress(es) back in Closet’s shopping bags. Closet is not liable for the theft, loss or destruction of any packaging the dress was submitted in and also not obligated to return the dress in the packaging it was submitted in.

At the time of retrieval of a dress, Lenders are required to provide their original CNIC along with the corresponding receipt.

For complete privacy and security, Closet will only return the dress to the registered lender or deliver the dress to the address associated with the registered lender.

Within the duration of and after termination of this contract, Lenders forfeit their authority to pursue any legal action against Closet and any person(s) employed by Closet.

Renter will pay any sales/renting, use, local or any other taxes which may be due as a result of this transaction, other than income taxes owed by Lender.

Once bound by this contract, Lenders will be prohibited from defaming Closet and agree to a non-solicitation agreement during or after termination of contract. Failure to comply will result in appropriate legal action against the concerned Lender.

Under any and all circumstances, Closet will be the sole and final deciding authority.