How to Become A Lender

Fill the Form

Click on the Become a Lender button.

Fill the form with your basic details along with the details of the dress that you want to lend.Attach pictures of the dress (not larger than 5MB)

Please fill a separate form for the new dress.

اردو ترجمہ کے لیے یہاں کلک کریں۔

Become a Lender


If your dress gets selected, our team will contact you via Whatsapp or Email (Incase your provided number isn't available on Whatsapp)

Our designer team will quote you the Base Rent. It's the rent that you will earn each time your dress goes on rent. As we get thousands of forms each day, we only contact people whose dresses are selected based on our Algorithm.

Onboarding with Closet

Once you're satisfied with the quoted rent, our team will share an onboarding form link. You need to fill the form and decide whether you’d send the dresses via courier or bring them physically to any of our outlets.

Once the dresses reach us physically and are checked, a contract will be signed with you for 6 months.

Upon successful onboarding, you will receive the access to your Lender Dashboard where you can track all orders of all your dresses, track due and undue payments and request withdrawals of your due payments into your provided bank account. Make sure to read our terms and conditions before filling the form.

Why Lending with Closet is Awesome?

Why waste the opportunity to earn without doing anything by just giving your clothes on rent? Join our community of over 5000 Happy Lenders and start earning TODAY!

Extra Dresses = Extra Earning

Your preloved dresses may be a treasure that someone might be looking for. Help other people have their fairytale events by lending. The best part… not only do you get good deeds for helping, you also earn while sitting at home.

Closet does everything for you!

Once your onboarding is completed, sit back and watch your earnings coming in through your Lender Dashboard. Team Closet does everything from photography, customer care and order processing for you while you can plan ways to spend your extra earnings.

Who doesn’t love extra Cupboard space?

Heavy and Bridal Wear takes up so much space and is hardly worn thrice. Free your Closet space and earn from your extra clothes

How do lenders track their dresses?

Once a dress is onboarded at Closet, the Lender gets access to their very own Dashboard. To access your Lender Dashboard, you will be given the Dashboard Link and Login Credentials.

By using your credentials, you can log in to your dashboard anytime and track all dresses, their orders and your due and undue payments.

With the Lender Dashboard, you can easily send in a withdrawal request to transfer your due payments to your given bank account. Please note that Closet does not give any earnings in cash or in any other bank account except for the account details provided by you at the time of onboarding. We encourage all our lenders to open their own separate bank accounts prior to onboarding with Closet to get instant access to their earnings once they are transferred.

So What Are You Waiting For? Lend your Extra Dresses and Start Earning Today!