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How Renting Works

Renting is an extremely easy process, and you can do it from the comfort of your home. Or visit our stores in Karachi and Lahore for your satisfaction. Here’s how:


        1. Booking the Dress:

After you have selected the dress you would like to rent, our team will confirm the size, rent cost and availability with you. After these details are provided, you will be asked to submit 30% of the rent as advance amount for the booking. Advance is non-refundable, and will be needed to place your booking.

 You will also be informed of the security deposit amount that we will be taking on top of the rent. This amount is purely for the safety and insurance of the dress and once the dress is returned to us and checked for damage, this amount will be returned to you if there is no damage. If there is damage, we will deduct the cost needed for repair and return the remaining deposit. Deposit will be taken at the time of remaining payment.

Once all the details and advance have been submitted, you will be sent a receipt, electronically or printed in-store by our team. Please keep this receipt safe so we can dispatch the dress to you before the event date. Once your booking is placed, you can sit back and relax until your event draws near. 

       2. Receiving the Dress:

Your receipt will mention the date of delivery and of return of the dress. On this date, you will either be required to pick the dress up yourself or we will deliver it to you, depending on your preference at time of booking. You will now pay the remaining 70% rent amount at time of receiving along with specified security deposit. We will provide more details and guidelines if needed at the time of booking. Once you have received the dress, all you have to do is wear it at your event, and then return it at the date of return to us.

         3. Returning the Dress:

Once you have returned the dress to us, we will check it for flaws and damages. If there are none then we will release your security deposit amount back to you via bank transfer or in-store (will be specified to you by our team) within 14 working days.