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A Promise Of Quality

Here at Closet, our number one priority is customer satisfaction. As such, each and every product you book from Closet goes through strict quality checks to give you the best experience. 

      1. Dry Cleaning:

Every dress is unique and requires specific attention during cleaning. Because of this, we ourselves take responsibility to dry-clean every dress as per it’s needs to bring you your order in the best condition. 

       2. Alteration:

Depending on the dress, Closet does offer alteration services if it is possible. In the case of an alteration being possible and requested, the dress will be altered to the exact required size before being sent to you.

       3. Fixtures:

As the dresses are pre-loved, there may be minor flaws in the dress from natural use. These will be fully fixed by our team where possible, and you will be informed of any unfixable aspect at the time of booking.

Closet prides itself in it’s ability to provide the good people of Pakistan a great dressing experience at a reasonable cost, and we are always looking to improve our services. We encourage your valuable feedback and reviews to help us provide the best rental experience possible!